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Rubèn Rodríguez

Ruben is a screenwriter and pastor living in Littleton, Colorado.  His eclectic and geographically scattered upbringing, coupled with a strong passion for people and art, have given him a unique voice for both the screen and pulpit.  Ruben has been invited to speak in various places across the globe on the topics of creativity and spirituality, and is currently the Parish Director for The Sacred Grace East Colfax, a parish church plant to the people on and around East Colfax in Aurora, Colorado.  He has been married for ten years to an incredibly patient wife and has two super rad daughters.  He loves reading, writing, film, music, rock climbing, and disc golf. 

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Beth Vrieswyk

Beth is a writer and artist who grew up in Denver. She has spent the last few years as a piano teacher, but recently left the education field to work as an event planner in Aurora. She loves playing the guitar and piano, and is in the process of finishing her first novel.



Tamika Simmons

Tamika is the Education Coordinator for Work Options for Women; a non-profit culinary training program for all people. She has also worked with Providence Network and Open Door Fellowship as a Pastoral Apprentice for three years. She received a Masters of Divinity with a specialty in Messianic Jewish Studies from Denver Seminary in 2015. She loves sharing God’s message of love and acceptance while, continually receiving it, through everyday interactions and personal introspection of God’s love for her and everyone on this earth. Currently, she is trying to conquer Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on her cello and learn how to cook a perfectly medium well steak.


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Adam Skinner

Adam is a full-time student in Denver Seminary's clinical counseling program. Over his 11 years in Denver, he's been a performance poet, a case manager for people with HIV/AIDS, and a preacher at Scum of the Earth Church. When not spending time with his wife and new daughter, he can be found getting lost in the mountains with a hammock and a good book, but only if you're willing to search pretty far off-trail.

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Tracey Hups

As a communications director, Tracey creates content including blogs, white papers, infographics, webinars, newsletters, and emails—lots and lots of emails. After working remote for 7 years, Tracey discovered that she is an extrovert’s extrovert and is really happy to be back working in an office surrounded by people. An avid reader, Tracey is making her way through James Mustich’s 1000 Books to Read Before You Die. Currently, she is about 90 percent through the A’s, so she has a long way to go, but is enjoying rereading old favorites like Richard Adams’s Watership Down as well as discovering new gems like the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov.