Introducing Our Storytellers

Six storytellers will craft a 5-minute personal story. Their theme will be the word RESOLVE. The stories may be funny or moving or both. While these narratives are personal, they are not the typical “testimony” one might expect.


Keita Andrews

Keita is a pastor at Colorado Community Church (CCC) and serves as the Director of the MORE Life Center and CCC Recovery Ministries. He enjoys the outdoors, where you can often find him on his bike. Keita is an advocate for God’s grace and seeks to help men and women move through their “hurts, habits and hang-ups” so they can fully experience God’s love.


Kacy Lou Leyba

Kacy is your a-typical, 6’2″, Xicana, barefoot hippie. During the school year, she answers to, “Yo, Miss!” in the halls of the Denver Street School where she currently works as the East Campus Principal. Her passions lie where storytelling, adventure, spiritual motherhood, cross-cultural ministry, and the opportunity to see the goodness of the Lord in the crappiest of situations intersect.


Chuck Orwiler

“Is it dumb to believe in God?” That question launched Chuck on his faith journey decades ago. It remains with him as a driving force for living a relevant faith.

He served on the staff of Denver Friends Church for 37 years. Now retired he spends his considerable leisure time traveling the world and playing golf. Which is absolutely true, except for the considerable leisure time, world travel, and golf.

Chuck is grateful for the ministry of WGA which has enriched his life since its inception. He and Vicky enjoy their family, their faith community, creative handwork, and walking in pretty places.


Colleen Sanderlin

Colleen is a former middle school teacher turned fire and life safety educator- she has a passion for empowering people of all ages with life changing information and skills. As a middle school teacher, Colleen taught an array of subjects including: AVID, Physical Education, Adventure Education and more. She coached 120 pre-teen aspiring track athletes at one time and even taught driver’s education on the side. In her current role with a local fire department, she educates community members about human behavior and ways to reduce risk to make the community safer.

She has knitted over 140 hats, run half marathons, prefers manual transmissions and would choose a sunrise over a sunset. She is an aspiring improvisational theater participant and enthusiast in the Denver area. She is also a part of the one percent. The one percent of ambidextrous people on the planet. She has yet to identify her spirit animal.

She believes God writes a story on every human heart. We are personally pursued by a God of grace and redemption, mercy and healing. She believes real beauty is found in ashes. (Isaiah 61:1-10)

She enjoys spending time with her family and going to various Little Man Ice cream venues across the state. She loves Disney world, a nice walk and can occasionally be found picking up a basketball and sinking some 3-pointers. She is a fourth generation Coloradoan and LOVES calling Colorful Colorado home.


Halee Savery

Halee is a full time mom to 2 inherited teenage girls and 3 small children, wife to one fabulous husband, and part time music leader at Denver Friends Church. She hasn’t slept in 5 years, but still manages to dance with her children in the kitchen, push all the neighborhood children on the tire swing in her front yard, and answer all the questions about life thrown at her by her 5 year old (yes, flies have ears and I have no idea why God made wasps). One day, she’ll probably go back to teaching music and performing in the occasional musical, but for now, she is enjoying her kids, her church, and lots of coffee.


Tyler Traylor

Tyler is the Operations Coordinator and Pastoral Intern at St. Patrick Presbyterian Church in the heart of downtown Denver. He is also the Executive Project Manager for the Aspen Grove Church Planting Network; a non-profit that exists to serve church-planting churches through recruiting, equipping, funding, and prayer. Currently enrolled in the London School of Theology; working towards an M.A. in Biblical Hermeneutics. He loves to preach the Gospel to himself and others, believing it to be the power of God for salvation. Currently, he spends his time trying to climb the ranks of and flipping free furniture on Craigslist.